Australia has the highest incidence rate of Skin Melanoma

We certainly are a Sunburnt Country with the incidence rates of melanoma in Australia still on the rise.

It is the third most common form of cancer (10% of all cancers) and is responsible for more than 1500 Australian deaths a year.  It is the most common cancer in the 15-39 year old age bracket and kills more young Australians than any other cancer.

There are over 12,500 cases diagnosed in Australia each year, with men being 2.5 times more likely to died from a melanoma than woman. However, if melanoma is identified early it can be completely removed with a simple treatment.

Take precautions and make a Skin Check part of your regular health regime. You can book an appointment with us at Vidler Ave or ask your doctor for more information.

Visit the Australian Governments National Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign website for more statistics and to read more about prevention and early detection.